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BLOOM, a partnership between United Way of Grant County and Greater Grant County, is our heartfelt anthem to empower women to shine as leaders. It’s about igniting the spark of potential within every woman, encouraging them to rise, lead, and pave the way for a brighter future. BLOOM stands as a beacon of inspiration, offering enriching experiences, connections, and a commitment to early childhood education. Join us as we grow together, fostering a community where every woman’s leadership blossoms. Welcome to BLOOM – where your journey to empowerment begins.

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Every BLOOM gathering, workshop, and initiative is a chance to empower, inspire, and unite in making a lasting impact on Grant County and beyond!

Keynote Speaker

Megan Gilmore

Founder and Executive Director,
Lark’s Song Inc.

BLOOM 2024’s keynote session, “Toward Flourishing: Strategies for Weary Women to Increasing Well-Being” explores how the diverse roles and demanding commitments of women leaders pose a persistent threat to individual and collective well-being. In her keynote, Megan Gilmore will share evidence-based, practical tools to combat burnout, build systems of care and support, and boost well-being, enabling you and your team to sustain high performance and collective flourishing without sacrificing your humanity or feminine power.

About the Speaker

Megan Gilmore is the founder and Executive Director of Lark’s Song Inc., and an internationally recognized expert in coaching education and well-being. She has developed and presented well-being curricula and initiatives that are used globally and across the United States. Megan holds a Master’s degree in Addictions Counseling, with specialized credentials in trauma-informed and somatic coaching. She is also the author of the children’s book “Amy Dala and the Answer.” Passionate about holistic healing, she loves creating remedies through plants, storytelling, and fostering connections.