Supporting Early Childhood Education

Inspiring learning and growing together
Welcome to the Grant County Early Childhood Coalition

A key initiative facilitated by United Way of Grant County, our mission is to ensure every child in our community receives high-quality early childhood education. We understand that the journey to school readiness is a collaborative endeavor, one that thrives on the active involvement of families, the dedication of educational professionals, and the unified efforts of our community. GCECC brings together a diverse array of early childcare providers including schools, centers, in-home providers, and before and after-school care facilities. Together, we strive to create an environment where every child has access to enriching educational experiences, laying a strong foundation for their future learning and growth. Join us in our endeavor to nurture the potential of our youngest learners through family engagement, community collaboration, and educational excellence.

Coalition Facilitators

Dani Svantner
Executive Director
Westminster Preschools

[email protected]

LeeAnna Smith
Executive Director
United Way of Grant County

[email protected]

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