United Way Funding

Change doesn’t happen alone.

As a force for good in the Grant County community, the United Way of Grant County (UWGC) is excited to announce our 2024-2025 funding cycle. We welcome all 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations located in Grant County to apply if their activities align with our core mission of uplifting our community’s health, education, and financial stability.

The way we view it, each non-profit organization operating in our area is a potential partner in change. We understand the transformative work many organizations like yours are performing and want to support and amplify these efforts. Whether you’re a familiar face to United Way or exploring a fresh opportunity, this call is open for you. The total funding amount available for distribution will be determined by the generosity of our community’s contributions during our annual fundraising campaign.

How Does the United Way funding process Work?

The funding process we follow is designed to be transparent and inclusive, with three key stages:

1. Submission of Letter of Interest (LOI): This is the first step and your opportunity to tell us about your organization and its transformative program(s). Your LOI should be submitted by July 31, 2024. A well-crafted LOI will include the following critical information:

  • Your organization’s name and contact details
  • A comprehensive description of your organization’s mission
  • Details about the program for which you are seeking funding
  • Approximate amount of funding you wish to request
  • An explanation of how your program aligns with your organization’s mission
  • An explanation of how your program aligns with the mission of the United Way of Grant County

Your LOI can be submitted through the Grant County Grant Application Portal (hosted by the Community Foundation of Grant County). You will need to create an account on the platform if you have not done so in the past. Once logged in, click the “apply” button to get started. Click the button below to access the portal:

 2. Application and Committee Review: If your LOI is accepted, the next stage involves submitting a full application and collaborating with our Community Investment Committee. Comprised of dedicated volunteers from across Grant County, this committee is tasked with scrutinizing each application through a thorough, rigorous review process. This includes site visits (when feasible), in-depth evaluations of your organization’s impact, and an assessment of its ability to deliver on its mission.

3. Allocation of Funding: The final stage of the funding process happens in the Spring. Organizations that have successfully navigated the previous stages and have been approved by the Community Investment Committee will begin to receive their funding. This funding will provide crucial support for the organization’s program as outlined in the LOI and subsequent review stages.

What Does Partnering with United Way Mean?

Partnering with United Way of Grant County means becoming part of a broader network of change-makers, dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of the people of Grant County. In the past, we have seen how this collaborative approach has yielded significant positive outcomes, enhancing the well-being of countless individuals.

In our 2023-24 funding cycle we were able to provide funding towards programs at 11 Grant County non-profit agencies. These agencies represented a cross-section of vital sectors such as health, education, and financial stability, and the funding provided much-needed support for their critical programs.

If your organization is ready to drive positive change, submit your Letter of Interest and join us in our mission. With your help, we can create a healthier, more educated, and financially stable community for all. Please ensure your Letter of Interest is submitted by July 31. We eagerly look forward to the prospect of working together, and here’s to our collective bright future in Grant County.