2024 Non-profit leadership series

Empower and elevate with our nonprofit growth series in 2024

Join the “United Way of Grant County Nonprofit Growth Series,” a transformative journey designed for non-profit professionals in Grant County. Engage in our bi-monthly workshops focused on key areas like innovative marketing, inclusive leadership, and strategic governance. This series is your opportunity to gain vital skills, drive impactful change, and connect with a network of passionate non-profit peers. Let’s shape a brighter future for our community together.

About the series:

Who is this for?

Sessions are open to all Grant County non-profit organizations, leadership, staff, board, and volunteers.

How much does it cost?

We are trying to keep costs as low as possible, and some sessions may even be offered free of charge. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.


Marketing, Fundraising, and Grant-Writing with AI

Tuesday, January 16, from 9-11am

Explore the cutting-edge intersection of technology and non-profit strategy in our “Marketing, Fundraising, and Grant-writing with AI” workshop, where you’ll learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to revolutionize your organization’s outreach, funding, and grant success.

Presented by Evan Gilmore from United Way of Grant County



Intersectionality in Non-Profit Organizations
Wednesday, March 6, from 9am-12pm

This workshop training will provide an introduction to intersectionality and an invitation for participants to explore how social identities (like race, gender, nationality, age, ability, and more) impact them as individuals moving through the world.

Presented by Torri Williams from Lark’s Song

Cost: FREE


Avoiding Burnout: Cultivating Self-Care for Non-Profit Teams

Thursday, May 16, from 9-11am

In the fast-paced and demanding world we navigate, dedicating time to self-care is often neglected, leading to increased stress and diminished overall health. This workshop aims to address these challenges by offering a comprehensive approach to self-care, encompassing mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, and practical lifestyle adjustments.

Presented by LaKrisha Newbill from The Uncommon Leadership Institute

Cost: FREE


Trauma-Informed Client Care

Tuesday, July 9, from 9am-12pm

This 3-hour training workshop explores relevant neuroscience, trauma assessment, and how to co-create brave spaces of belonging for service and growth to take place. Presented by Megan Gilmore from Lark’s Song, and featuring a guest panel sharing their expertise, resources, and answering your questions.

Cost: FREE
(Registration open soon)


Board Engagement & Development part 1
Tuesday, September 24, from 9am-12pm

(additional details coming soon)

Presented by the Shafer Leadership Academy

(Registration open soon)



Board Engagement & Development part 2
Tuesday, November 19, from 9am-12pm

(additional details coming soon)

Presented by the Shafer Leadership Academy


(Registration open soon)