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Inaugural Day of Action Resounding Success: Over 680 Hours Volunteered in a Single Day!
September 15, 2023
Photo from article - Inaugural Day of Action Resounding Success: Over 680 Hours Volunteered in a Single Day!

The spirit of Grant County was palpably vibrant yesterday as United Way of Grant County wrapped up its groundbreaking Day of Action. Celebrating an unparalleled union of community and service, the event witnessed the county coming together, clocking an astounding 680+ hours of volunteer work in just 24 hours.

“Yesterday, the heartbeat of Grant County thumped in unity. Our community, its businesses, and their employees demonstrated that when we come together with purpose, incredible things can happen,” said LeeAnna Smith, Executive Director of United Way of Grant County.

The Day of Action created unique bridges. Volunteers, many of whom were participating for the first time, found deep connections with local organizations, laying the foundation for lasting relationships rooted in community betterment. These newly-minted bonds stand as a testament to the county’s commitment to fostering a culture of active community participation.

A standout feature of the day was the impressive line-up of businesses that endorsed the cause by giving their employees time off to volunteer. “Seeing employers rally behind this movement by supporting their teams to contribute to the day’s activities underscored the power of collective impact,” remarked Evan Gilmore, Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

From painting school walls to harvesting fresh vegetables for community meals, repairing sidewalks to breathing new life into community centers, the range of projects undertaken was diverse and far-reaching. The incredible lineup of activities allowed each participant to make a tangible difference.

Smith added, “Every brush stroke, every clean window, every weed pulled—it all adds up. It’s the power of one community, one day, and countless hands raised in service.”

The aftermath of the Day of Action leaves an indelible mark on Grant County, not just in the visible improvements of the shared spaces but in the invigorated spirit of community collaboration that promises to drive the county forward.

“We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together,” said Gilmore. “This day is a bold declaration that Grant County is a community that not only raises its hands to volunteer but also opens its arms to embrace and uplift one another.”

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