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Resources to help promote the Imagination Library in Grant County, Indiana

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We’re thrilled to have you join us in spreading the word about this amazing program. Here, you’ll find a variety of downloadable resources, including flyers, posters, registration forms, book lists, and research information, all designed to help you share the magic of the Imagination Library with your community. By using these materials, you can help us reach more families and give children under 5 the gift of reading. Together, let’s inspire young minds and foster a lifelong love of books in Grant County!

If there’s something that would be useful and you don’t see it here, or if you’d like us to set up a booth at your upcoming eveny, just shoot us a note at [email protected].


Program Brochure

Discover the magic of the Imagination Library with our informative program brochure, filled with essential details and information.

Printable 8.5×11 flyer

Spread the word about the Imagination Library using this eye-catching, printable 8.5×11 flyer, perfect for bulletin boards and community spaces.

Printable 11×17 poster

Make a bold statement with our vibrant 11×17 color poster, designed to grab attention and encourage families to sign up for the program.

2023 Book list

Explore the carefully curated selection of 2023 book titles, sorted by age, and get a sneak peek at the literary treasures in store.

registration form

Sign up for the Imagination Library using our convenient printable registration form in both English and Spanish! Designed to make enrollment simple and easy! 

Imagination Library Research

Dive into the science behind the program with this research-focused brochure, explaining the need for and success of the Imagination Library.

Book selection info

Learn how books are chosen for the Imagination Library with this informative brochure, detailing the expert-led selection process.

general fact sheet

Get key facts and figures about the Imagination Library at a glance with this handy, easy-to-read fact sheet.

Thank you to our Grant County Imagination Library Supporting Partners: