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United Way of Grant County Coordinates Storm Relief Efforts
April 3, 2023
Photo from article - United Way of Grant County Coordinates Storm Relief Efforts

In response to the recent storms that have caused significant damage to buildings and properties in the area, United Way of Grant County is collaborating with the town of Swayzee to mobilize relief efforts. The organization is calling for volunteers to help with cleanup operations on Thursday and Friday of this week from 5pm to 8pm in Swayzee. Interested individuals can sign up to contribute their time and energy at

In addition to the volunteer drive, United Way of Grant County is also raising $10,000 to assist families throughout Grant County who have lost food due to the storms and subsequent power outages. Those wishing to support this vital initiative can make a donation at

To address the immediate needs of individuals impacted by the storms, United Way of Grant County has set up a form for those who require assistance with lost food or other necessities. This application is open to all of Grant County. The form can be accessed at

LeeAnna Smith, Executive Director of United Way of Grant County, expressed her commitment to the community: “In the face of adversity, we come together as a community to support and uplift one another. Our relief efforts aim to provide immediate assistance to those in need and help our neighbors regain stability. We invite everyone to join us in these efforts, whether by volunteering, donating, or sharing information with those affected.”

For more information about the relief efforts, please visit or contact United Way of Grant County directly at [email protected].

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