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United Way of Grant County Ignites Change with”Raise Your Hand” 2023-2024 Campaign Kickoff Breakfast
September 21, 2023
Photo from article - United Way of Grant County Ignites Change with”Raise Your Hand” 2023-2024 Campaign Kickoff Breakfast

A wave of inspiration rolled through Marion Health’s campus yesterday as United Way of Grant County launched their “Raise Your Hand” 2023-2024 campaign with a spirited Kickoff Breakfast. The event brought together a diverse group of community leaders, business representatives, and devoted individuals, all eager to contribute to the betterment of Grant County.

At the heart of this year’s campaign are four pivotal areas that United Way of Grant County is raising their hand for:

  • Community Investment: The organization is channeling resources into 12 funded programs dedicated to enhancing health, education, and financial stability in Grant County. With the generous support from payroll campaigns, online giving, and special gifts, impactful programs are being funded at the Boys & Girls Club, Cancer Services, Project Leadership, Grant County Senior Center, Meals on Wheels, Salvation Army, St. Martin Community Center, Lark’s Song, The Training Center, Grant County YMCA, Carey Services, and Radiant Health.
  • Literacy: United Way of Grant County shines a light on literacy, enabling access to the Grant County Imagination Library for over 1100 children and counting. This initiative, supported by Dollar General Foundation, General Motors, American Electric Power, the American Woodmark Foundation, and the Dollywood Foundation, ensures children receive free age-appropriate books every month until they reach five, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.
  • Leadership: United Way is nurturing leadership and community resilience through a series of empowering initiatives. From hosting BLOOM events aimed at celebrating women in Grant County to providing professional development opportunities and leading various coalitions, the organization is fostering an environment where community partners thrive together.
  • Volunteerism: The spirit of unity was palpable during the first annual Day of Action, where over 170 volunteers clocked in more than 680 hours, working on 24 diverse projects across Grant County. This initiative exemplified the collective drive to contribute time and effort to make a significant impact in the community.

Torri Williams and Kayla Johnson, members of the Day of Action planning committee, spoke about the profound impact of volunteering and shared insights into the importance of the Day of Action in fostering community engagement and togetherness.

Evan Gilmore, United Way of Grant County’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator, commented, “Each hand raised represents a commitment to community transformation. The enthusiasm and unity displayed during the Kickoff Breakfast are a testament to the incredible potential of collective action.”

LeeAnna Smith, the organization’s Executive Director, warmly invites businesses and individuals to learn about the myriad ways they can raise their hands with United Way of Grant County. “We are truly excited about the prospect of joining your workplace and shedding light on the many wonderful opportunities for your team to make a meaningful and lasting impact on Grant County. This isn’t just about financial support; it’s also about the precious gift of time and the positive influence we can create when we raise our hands together.” she said.

For businesses interested in arranging a campaign presentation or discovering ways to join this transformative journey, please reach out to United Way of Grant County at [email protected] or 765-662-9811.

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